Quality Assurance

The quality of software applications is critical to any organization. With increasing compliance mandates, application complexity and distributed environments, many organizations find it necessary to effectively test their IT environments in order to prevent application and performance failures. GSR has implemented innovative enterprise testing and test automation solutions for over 15 years, helping organizations minimize risk, support growth and meet business needs.

By leveraging extensive testing experience, deep domain knowledge and an established infrastructure, GSR's end-to-end testing solutions help to improve productivity and quality while reducing overall cost of all software development activities. GSR offers its testing services through a variety of delivery models, including direct onsite delivery, a blended onshore and offshore model, or managed services. Our leading testing solutions are backed by a service framework and testing accelerators that have been field tested and refined for over a decade.

Application Lifecycle

Emerging IT applications are transforming the way business is done today.

Application life-cycle Management (ALM) tools are the need of the hour. The integration of ALM is essential to remove major inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the software development process. If integrated properly, ALM can help an IT company develop best practice for virtually every major phase of the software application process, including:

The use of GSR’s ALM helps a company assess, improve, and maximize, collaboration between team members. It helps them refine core development processes across teams involved in the designing and delivery of software applications. The result is greater productivity, cost efficiency and the highest possible results.

What exactly can one expect from GSR’ Application Life-Cycle Management?

» Increases productivity

» Allows teams in the organization to share best practices for development and deployment

» Allows developers to concentrate on business requirements

» Maintain and stabilize quality

» Ensures that the needs and the expectations that were created for all end-users are met

» Speeds up the whole work process

» Cuts down the time to develop the software and bring it to the market

» Brings the best out of organization’s investment in labor and technology capabilities

» Ensures quality output in the development process

Test Advisory

GSR's Test Advisory Service (TAS) provides expert advice to help you embark on your next generation QA journey. Our TA Service helps you transform your QA by bringing in a shift of focus from software testing to QA-enabled business assurance. We deliver unique solutions that address business needs specific to your current situation and future aspirations.

Our Test Advisory Service offers you:


» Help to Run the Business and Change the Business

» Efficient, effective and metrics-driven QA

» Early and continuous engagement of Testing with development

» Baseline maturity and set KPIs

» Improved processes and operational efficiency

» Resource scalability and optimization

» Predictable quality with reduced time to market

» Reputation and regulatory compliance

Test Automation

GSR’s Test automation expertise assures customers of best practices, low cost, and optimum use of resources. Our proficiency in the latest technology and use of the finest tools guarantee robust, consistent, evergreen, and tester friendly.

Automation testing helps organizations meet their goal in software development processes to release the product on time.

A test automation tool is a key part of successful software projects as it includes some of the features wherein test professionals are enabled to playback pre-recorded and predefined actions, asses the results to the expected behavior and report the pass or failure.

Automated Software Testing helps on some of the critical parameters like cost, schedule, and quality that are essential to the success of any software development and product. With ever-increasing economic pressures of resources and cost reductions, leading organizations have to quickly adapt automation to accelerate time to market as well as cut testing budgets.

One of the advantages of GSR is that it helps organizations improve their software product quality by enabling to perform effective testing in short time.

Packaged Applications

“Ensuring mission critical applications work faster and smarter”

Organizations leverage a wide spectrum of packaged applications, many of which are further customized to support their business critical functions and practices. Managing and maintaining such a highly customized and integrated application environment requires a smart testing strategy.

The risks involved in frequent changes to configuration or upgrades need to be mitigated and handled efficiently in order to avoid a negative impact on the business.

A reliable and well-defined testing strategy enables you to sustain the quality and performance of applications and the entire environment – all the way from implementation through any number of enhancements and upgrades.

GSR brings strong capabilities in end-to-end testing of core business applications across industries, with special focus on packaged or off-the-shelf applications.

We help you simplify the process through structured requirements validation, efficient functional and non-functional testing, system testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, test automation, security testing and performance testing. Our implementation and upgrade testing encompasses data migration testing as well as parallel testing.

We draw upon our thorough understanding of leading solutions and their interfaces to facilitate high quality packaged application implementation with emphasis on effective integration testing. This is critical to the success of IT programs in many industries.

Middleware & SOA

SOA and service-oriented middleware have transformed businesses today, creating IT environments that are fully integrated with linked, repeatable business processes and establishing a communication layer between applications and back-end systems. Doing so helps to improve business agility, enhance business workflows, facilitate reuse and increase the lifespan of applications. An effective test strategy helps to ensure the quality and performance of this architecture layer.

GSR provides testing services that support the long-term viability of an organization’s IT transformation initiatives, helping to minimize risks, optimize costs and improve business agility. Our specialists have deep knowledge and skills in various middleware and ERP systems and provide a functional and non-functional testing approach for infrastructures that are built with products including IBM WebSphere, TIBCO, Oracle Fusion and SAP Process Integration. By engaging early in the lifecycle, we provide a comprehensive, automated and maintainable test methodology to deliver component and integration testing of the SOA and middleware layer.

Performance & Load

Fast, Realistic, Powerful--The web testing solution for optimizing all your applications

Functional test automation frameworks. With focus on greater customer convenience and providing them with real benefits, experts at our testing automation lab make sure that performance & load automation framework perfectly suits your requirements, improve software quality, and add strategic significance to product life cycle.

Performance testing is the process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program or device. Performance testing can also be used as a diagnostic aid in locating communications bottlenecks.

GSR's exclusive technology allows you to perform web testing more quickly, efficiently, and frequently, which means you can immediately identify the root cause of any bottlenecks or issues.

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a system or device and measuring its response. There is little agreement on what the specific goals of load testing are. The term is often used synonymously with software performance testing, reliability testing, and volume testing.

GSR’s load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behavior.

We make it easy for you to assess the performance and reliability of your apps so they meet business and user experience expectations.

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