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Social media matters whether you are a small business, or more focused on understanding large business customer‘s habits and outcomes. A smart and efficient Social business strategy is critical for enterprises to succeed. Regardless of industry, social media has proven to work across the board for most companies. While most enterprises use social media for their customer service function only, many firms have now started using social media in tandem with their sales and marketing functions. By using social media as a means of interacting with their customers, businesses can today target their customers in a more informed way and also gain real-time feedback from them.

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Social Globe
Mobile Technology

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is bridging the gap between ‘People & Process‘ by providing access to critical data in real time. Mobile banking has emerged as one of the most innovative products in the financial services industry. Governments are also reaching out to their citizens, using mobile devices as an efficient channel. The mobility market is expected to experience continued growth and many enterprises will be interested in deploying mobility solutions to tap into the rapidly growing user base

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Business Analytics

The proliferation of the internet and the mobile era has increased the rate at which data is created and stored. There is an immediate need for tools and techniques to analyze data at an equal speed as well. Every year, companies and individuals generate billions of gigabytes of data which is unstructured and includes raw text, audio/video files, click-stream data, blogs, social media and location coordinates. Organizations across the globe are now looking at this pool of data to determine how best it can be mined. Big Data analytics helps businesses make better decisions by analyzing large volumes of structured and unstructured data, predict and identify change and identify new opportunities.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud services are popular because they can reduce the cost and complexity of owning and operating computers and networks as cloud users do not have to invest in information technology infrastructure, purchase hardware or buy software licenses. The undeniable power of cloud computing to foster innovations and improve productivity is now accepted by both IT vendors and their customers. The benefits are low up-front costs, rapid return on investment, rapid deployment, customization, flexible use and solutions that can make use of new innovations

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